Resumania: Career Advice and Resume Writing Tips

The Resumania program on September 17, 2020 focused on career advice and tips on what employers are looking for. The presentation had Kelly Masegian as the main host while career counselors such as Judi Garcia, Kristin Keller, Sandra De Leon, and Carrie McKnight provided one on one assistance in breakout sessions.

Tips and advice included:

  • Looking at job descriptions provided by companies and including that in your resume and cover letter if you have the experience so employers can match their search with the best suited candidates
  • Adding an Objective according to the position you are applying for and changing that for every position
  • The importance of your LinkedIn account and ensuring your LinkedIn Resume matches your resume
  • Including relevant coursework and projects related to the job
  • Practicing communication skills
  • Cleanliness of resume layout and format since employers typically spend 7-10 seconds looking at your resume.
  • Using action terms that catch the attention of the employer
  • Attention to detail and consistency on the resume and cover letter which include:
  1. Watching for change in tense (past, present, future)
  2. Ending every sentence with a period or not
  3. Ensuring bullet points are concise

See our Career Resources page for year-long resources.