Study Abroad

ESSC, along with Study Abroad and Away in the College of Professional and Global Education, hosted 2 workshops in September about Study Abroad programs. Here are the highlights.

Optimal Time for Engineering students to study abroad:

  • Sophomore year because you can do your lower division courses and GE’s.
  • Junior year if you speak to your faculty/major advisor because you can take some courses, but it is more difficult as you are taking the core requisites. 
  • Senior year is least optimal because of Senior Projects and design classes. Set expectation that you might delay one or two semesters
  • Short term experience might be best such as Winter Break and Summer.
  • e.g. Global Technology Institute Program (GTI) Summer 2020
  • Frosh-> if programs are available can go, but mostly sophomore or junior.
  • Some programs are opened to Freshman. 

Effect of COVID on Studying Abroad:

Process for Studying Abroad:

  • Meet with major advisor to decide what to study while away
  • Fill out the Google form 
  • Private link to fill out substitution form with major advisor 

Still accessible to students studying abroad and they can connect when away to Major Advisor, ESSC and other services. 

Students consistently say that studying abroad changes their lives and is one of the most memorable parts of their college career.

Next Steps:

Top program locations for Engineering students:

  • Australia 
  • Switzerland (Business and Engineering)