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All MyGPS (Graduation Pathway to Success) Suite tools are accessible in your single sign-on page, which will direct you to MySJSU. 


myprogress exampleThis is a checklist of both GE and Major requirements for graduation. For most departments in the College of Engineering, your graduation evaluator will use this to determine completion of your program. Thus, this is a VERY important page to keep an eye on.

Additional information: The information on your MyProgress page is based on your catalog year. This means, if you started at SJSU in Fall 2018, the graduation requirements listed are specific to that catalog year. Your official catalog year is located at the top of your MyProgress page.

How do I use MyProgress?




Use this interactive tool to map out your entire academic path to graduation. This tool recognizes the courses you've already taken at SJSU, test credit, transfer credit, course substitutions, and prerequisites to recommend an education plan designed just for you! 

How do I use MyPlanner?

MyPlanner Student Guide [pdf]


Use this schedule planning tool to create and compare multiple class schedules for a given semester based on your course preferences as well as other commitments such as your work, sport, and/or family schedules. This tool is great as it will generate every possible schedule for you so you can maximize your course selections and remain on track for a timely graduation.

How do I use MyScheduler?



The MyRoadmaps Catalog includes sample advising maps for completion of an undergraduate degree program in four years or two years (e.g. with an associate degree from a California community college), or for completion of a bachelor's and master's degree simultaneously through SAGE (Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education) scholar programs. 

Be sure to use your MyPlanner and work with your major advisor to develop your individualized academic plan.

How do I use MyRoadmaps?