Engineering Faculty Panel Discussions

Throughout the month of October the ESSC held 8 Faculty Panels: BioMedical Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, two Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and an overall Engineering faculty panel.

Some general topics were addressed in these Faculty Panels:

  1. What piece of advice would you give?
  2. Journey of how the professors got to be where they are today.
  3. Trends in the field and what skills employers are looking to hire
  4. What opportunities should students partake in while at SJSU?
  5. Tips on what they can do successfully in classes
  6. Research opportunities
  7. Internship opportunities
  8. Clubs and organizations to join on campus
Department Panelists
BioMedical Engineering Dr. Selvaduray,  Dr. Erogbogbo
Industrial & Systems Engineering Dr. Erdogan
Electrical Engineering Dr. Banafa, Dr. Pham
General Engineering Dr. Warecki, Dr. Hsu
Computer Engineering Dr. Rojas, Dr. Jetcheva
Dr. Karimia, Dr. Agumbe Suresh
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Okamoto, Dr. Viswanathan
Engineering overall Dr. Mysore, Dr. Caires

We plan to hold more Faculty Panels next semester, so stay tuned!