Employment Application Process


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Physical Abilities and Written Exam

Entry-level applicants are required to take the POST Physical Abilities test and written Entry-level Law Enforcement Test Battery.  Academy graduates (within three years) and lateral applicants are not required.  

Panel Interview and Chief's Interview

For those applicants who successfully pass both the physical abilities test and written examination, the next step in the application process is an interview with a diverse panel comprised of UPD staff and staff/faculty members associated with SJSU who will assess the oral communication skills and other factors of the candidate. The oral board panel will make recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding who should move forward to the Chief's interview. The Chief of Police will determine which candidate(s) will undergo the background investigation.

Background Investigation

A thorough background investigation, including a criminal history check, will be conducted in order determine the candidate's suitability for the position of Police Officer.

Medical and Psychological Evaluation

Medical and psychological evaluations are conducted to ensure applicants are free from any physical, emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer. Medical evaluation includes drug screening.

Final Review and Appointment

When the background investigation is completed, a final report is submitted to the Chief of Police for final review. It is the decision of the Chief of Police to determine suitability for employment. A completed background investigation does not guarantee employment; it is simply a review and evaluation of information with the discretion to hire solely up to the Chief of Police.