SJSU Safe Ride Program


The SJSU Safe Ride program will provide a ride to all SJSU students, faculty and staff within the specified perimeter. The goal of the program is to provide a safe alternative to walking alone at night beyond the borders of the Safety Escort Program.

Requesting Service

To request an escort, just use any Bluelight phone or elevator telephone. You will be connected to a UPD dispatcher who will arrange the escort. Arrangements can also be made by calling UPD at 408-924-2000 or 4-2000 from a campus phone.

Service Hours 

  • Monday to Friday 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
  • Wait times will vary based on the number of requests for rides

Area of Operation

  • Northern Border Ð East Julian Street
  • Western Border Ð First Street
  • Southern Border Ð Interstate 280
  • Eastern Border Ð Sixteenth Street


  • ALL passengers must wear a face mask while riding the shuttle.
  • Passengers must present a valid SJSU Tower Identification Card when entering the vehicle.
  • Persons who are not affiliated with SJSU are not permitted in the vehicle.
  • Advance reservations are not permitted.
  • Passengers must call for a ride.
  • Drivers cannot stop for pedestrian “flag downs”.
  • Passengers will be provided only one direct ride per call.
  • Passengers will be provided only two rides per night.
  • Rides are dispatched on a first come, first served basis.
  • Passengers will not be transported beyond the designated boundaries.
  • Passengers must wear their seat belt when the vehicle is in motion.
  • The vehicle will not be loaded beyond the rated capacity.
  • Drivers will not wait more than 3 minutes. Passengers must be on time.
  • Driver will not wait for passengers that have been dropped off to make purchases. The passenger must make a second call for a ride when they have completed their shopping.
  • Passengers will not be dropped off at liquor establishments, taverns or bars.
  • Passengers must promptly exit/enter the vehicle to help reduce wait time.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking in the vehicle.
  • The following items are NOT permitted in the vehicle
    • Food or beverages.
    • Alcoholic beverages opened or sealed.
    • Bicycles or large equipment.
    • Hazardous materials.
  • Bagged groceries are permitted in the vehicle.
  • Passengers will remove all trash when exiting the vehicle and should make sure they have all personal property with them upon exiting.
  • Drivers reserve the right to refuse service in situations that put the driver or other passengers at risk. Examples of this include drunk, disorderly or abusive passengers.
  • Intoxicated passengers will not be permitted in the vehicle. A police officer will be called to check on the person's condition and seek medical care if necessary. The police officer will determine the best resolution for the given situation which may include finding a sober monitor, arrest or referral to another agency.