Events On and Off Campus

UPD provides primary law enforcement services to all off-campus fraternity and sorority houses recognized by SJSU and handles all reports and crime statistics from those locations.

SJSU requires all course(s) and program event(s) participants to submit signed waivers to Academic Affairs regarding any university recognized activity taking place off-campus. The waivers also provide UPD with contact information in the event of an emergency.

In the event of any reported criminal activity involving any recognized off-campus SJSU event, UPD will make every reasonable effort to obtain reports and information from the responding law enforcement jurisdiction. If no report was made, UPD will make an informational report and contact the law enforcement agency in whose primary jurisdiction the event occurred.

Other than events recognized by Academic Affairs, UPD does not regularly monitor student activity off-campus. Public properties immediately adjacent to campus are under the jurisdiction of the San José Police Department.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office has jurisdiction of the Valley Transportation Authority properties, buses and light rail trains. UPD works closely with both agencies to receive information about incidents that may affect our campus community and properties.