Communications (Dispatch Center)

The San Jose State University Police Department Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the SJSU campus community and the contract colleges of Foothill/DeAnza Community College District Police Department and CSU East Bay Police Department. SJSUPD supports a culturally rich and diverse Campus and the Police Dispatcher, as an integral part of UPD, is a vital link between the Campus and the police officers in the field.

The Communication Center utilizes a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) program as well as Intelligent (Phone) Work Stations (IWS).  UPD Dispatchers answer emergency and routine calls and must be able to determine and dispatch the proper resources via the radio to ensure the safety of our campus community. Dispatchers are responsible for providing counter assistance, operating and monitoring numerous automated law enforcement and University systems, such as fire/burglar alarm systems and Blue Lights.  Each of these duties requires prompt and efficient service.

UPD recently installed a new Motorola MCC 7100 radio system which is tied into the Silicon Valley Regional Communications System (SVRCS).  The SVRCS allows for the immediate capability to communicate with other Silicon Valley first responders. 

Ways to report a crime:

  • blue light phoneDirect into the dispatch center (408) 924-2222
  • Blue Light – Blue Lights are strategically located phones throughout campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. A blue beacon is illuminated at each station and is connected directly to UPD by depressing the alarm button.
  • Tip Now – anonymous text and email messaging system (408) 337-2919
  • Rave Guardian – download the mobile phone safety app to any Smart Phone (Android or IOS) platform. The app is FREE, and is an Opt-in system.
  • When calling the dispatch center, most importantly STAY CALM. Help CAN be sent while you are answering the dispatcher’s questions.
  • Be prepared to provide the dispatcher the location where the problem is occurring and your location.
  • Dispatchers will ask specific questions regarding the incident and possibly a description of person(s) involved. Please be descriptive as possible. Dispatchers will be able to relay the information to responding officers.


Dispatch Center

Communications Manager
Debbie Aguilar