Smoking Policy

In accordance with Presidential Directive 2014-01, San Jose State will be a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free campus starting on August 1, 2015. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, hookah, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, vape pens and e-cigarettes, will not be permitted in or outside any buildings, including the Event Center and those on South Campus, or in parking areas. Read the tobacco-free policy.

Tobacco-free campus policies protect the health and safety of SJSU's students, faculty, staff and visitors by eliminating secondhand smoke on campus. Everyone will breathe easier, and this will ensure equal access for individuals most vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke exposure, such as those with asthma and allergies. For further information, visit the Tobacco Free SJSU page.

Anyone who smokes on campus is in violation of Education Code 89031, which is a misdemeanor.  Students, faculty, and staff can face University sanctions as well.  In addition, residents who smoke within University Housing Services facilities are in violation of the License Agreement and are subjected to judicial action and/or revocation of their license.