Cross-Listed Classes


Cross-listed classes begin with the catalog and must be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Education. Once established, cross-listed classes share enrollments between two or more departments/colleges. (Example:  COMM 168A – Communication Studies is the “home” department with METR, ENVS, GEOL and HUM as "dependent" departments.)

If the scheduler is unsure if they are the “home” department, please review the Course Catalog in PeopleSoft.  Under the Offerings tab, look at the Course Offering Nbr which should say "1" confirming it is the "home" department.  



During Round 1, all cross-listed classes including the "home" sections were deleted from PeopleSoft when the term was rolled. 

Departments who wish to offer any cross-listed courses will always need to coordinate their scheduling needs (including any special accommodations and/or room needs) through the "home" department.  During Round 1 and 1.5 only sections from the "home" subject should be scheduled in PeopleSoft.  All "dependent" sections scheduled in PeopleSoft will be deleted. 

Before Round 2 ends, Academic Scheduling will run a process to link all cross-listed subjects or “dependents” to the scheduled “home” sections.

Example:  ANTH 140 is a cross-listed course with PH

ANTH = "home" department and would like to offer 4 sections of this course

PH = "dependent" department and would like to offer 3 sections of this course

The PH department will need to contact the Anthropology Department to schedule their sections.   Anthropology Department will then need to schedule a total of 7 sections of this course under the ANTH subject in PeopleSoft during Round 1 and 1.5.

Prior to the end of Round 2, Academic Scheduling will run a process to add and link the "dependent" section (PH 140) to the "home" (ANTH 140) sections.



All the enrollments will revert to the "home" department.  If the agreement between the departments/colleges is different, then a Request of FTES Distribution of Cross-Listed Courses form must be filled out.  

The information packet is sent from Academic Scheduling to the College Analysts at the beginning of each semester.  Departments should contact their College Analysts for submission deadlines.