Dean Transition Announcement

Sent: April 5, 2022

From: Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank everyone for your input into the process for choosing an Interim Dean of the College of Social Sciences. Through conversations with the department chairs, the college staff as well as a survey that saw a very strong response rate, many comments reflected the need for prior “experience” in administrative leadership as well as someone who is “transparent” and “approachable” and is willing to “walk the halls” and listen to people. In addition, numerous comments reflected the need to have someone in the interim role who can help maintain the forward momentum already present within the college. 

With these qualities in mind, I have asked Dr. Heather Lattimer to take up the position of Interim Dean. Dean Lattimer will begin her position in June, when Dean Jacobs steps away from his post. As Interim Dean, Dr. Lattimer will also retain her position as Dean of the College of Education. We will make some direct investments in the support infrastructure so that she can manage these two dynamic colleges. I am very appreciative of Dr. Lattimer’s interest in taking up this interim position. As we reviewed the needs of the college together, it is clear that the College of Social Sciences’ faculty and staff want a leader that will continue the “open door” approach of the current administration as well as  someone who understands the university and who knows how to advocate and garner resources for their colleagues. 

I care deeply about the College of Social Sciences; it is, after all, my home college. I am confident that Dr. Lattimer is the right person for this role at this time. She is well versed in the university’s policies, she has been a passionate advocate for investing in both faculty and staff, and she understands how to continue to move things forward during a time of transition. Dr. Lattimer will serve in the role for the next academic year or until we find a permanent replacement. She will not be a candidate for the permanent post. 

I will soon put out a call for nominations to the Dean of Social Sciences search committee so that we can begin the process of finding permanent leadership for the college. I look forward to working closely with this committee to recruit an outstanding new dean to the College of Social Sciences. In the meantime, please join me in thanking Dr. Lattimer for her service and commitment to SJSU and to this interim role. And, please thank Dean Jacobs, again, for his service to SJSU.