Honors Convocation

Sent: March 5, 2024

From: Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear Campus Community,

As we move into our season of celebration leading up to commencement, we also take time to recognize our students who have excelled academically at SJSU. As we have grown as a campus, the number of students who have excelled has continued to rise, a wonderful indication of the outstanding work of students as well as faculty and staff. Indeed, nearly 2,600 students will be rewarded as President’s Scholars this year, having achieved a 4.0 in either the previous fall or spring semesters. 

Given the size and scope and expansiveness of the Honors Convocation event, which now sees fewer than 20% of President’s Scholar attend, we have decided to shift the recognition to open up more ways in which students can be recognized for their outstanding achievement.

This spring, we are looking at ways to recognize students during our campus commencement ceremonies as well as during a number of targeted outreach events where President’s Scholars can take a photo with the president or be recognized during our Grad Fest Week (now set for March 25–27). 

We are so excited to recognize all our outstanding students for their academic achievement. We will continue to evolve as a campus in relation to the growth of our student body, and celebrate our students’ excellence and achievement in ways that highlight their contributions not only to SJSU, but to the world. 


Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs