Season 4

The Accidental Geographer

A Podcast with Vincent Del Casino, SJSU Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Enjoy season 4 of SJSU's podcast “The Accidental Geographer” with Vincent Del Casino, SJSU Provost, in a visual and live format! This podcast introduces world-class faculty whose research, teaching, and commitment to community engagement bring life to this university.

Episode 1: Ryan Skinnell

Ryan Skinnell, associate professor of writing and director of our first year writing program, will touch on a number of different topics — from the rise of fascist rhetoric to the ways in which we teach and students learn writing in the classroom. So come on board. This is going to be a great discussion.

Episode 2: Dr. Yu Chen

The latest episode of the Accidental Geographer features Dr. Yu Chen, an associate professor of information systems and technology in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business. The conversation covers a wide-range of topics including computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and the questions of the social good and how it all plays out in classrooms at SJSU.