Campus Mandatory Fees

Health Center Facility Fee

The fee supports the operation of the student Health Center, lease, construction, and maintenance.

Student Success Excel Tech Fee

Student Success Excel Tech Fee provides enhanced and comprehensive support for Student Academic Success Services to improve graduation and retention rates of all students (including under-represented minority students) by implementing a variety of evidence-based, best practice student support and High Impact Practice (HIP) programs. The additional funding supports student success and excellence to address SJSU's retention and graduation rates which currently lag slightly below the system average. Additionally, the Student Success Excel Tech Fee is used to deepen and strengthen student learning by providing innovative and effective technology-enabled learning experiences for students.

The fee enhances support for instructional materials and delivery methods. Furthermore, the fee also supports activities that fall under the definition of and statutes related to Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) in Title 5 and the California Education Code, including Athletics.

For more details refer to:
Student Success Excel Tech Fee Information

Student Association Fee

The fee supports student body organizations established for the purpose of providing essential activities closely related to regular instruction programs. Examples are student government and cultural programs.

  • Provides for the unlimited use of Santa Clara County transit services like buses and Light Rail.
  • Supports the operation of the Child Care Center on campus that provides available services to children of eligible enrolled students.

Student Union Fee

The fee supports the financing and operation of the Event Center, Student Union building, and Student Recreation and Aquatic Center. This includes the operation of recreational activities like intramural sports, aerobic classes and other organized adventure classes.

Student Health Fee

The fee is mandatory for all students at most campuses and supports the delivery of health services to students at the campus.

Document Fee

The fee covers the issuance of the student identification card, transcripts, and commencement documents.