Payment Due Dates

It is the student's responsibility to monitor due dates on MySJSU. For step-by-step instructions, see How to View Payment Due Dates [pdf].

For a detailed list of payment due dates, see Fall, Spring or Summer as appropriate.

Note: Paper bills are no longer processed.

Enrollment Cancellation

Make your payment by your specified due date to avoid enrollment cancellation. The university may cancel enrollment for non-payment, late payments, or partial payments. It is important that students frequently check their student account for their payment due date(s).

Do not ignore messages which say you have a payment due. Charges may have been added to your account. When in doubt, always check with the Bursar’s Office about your account status prior to the due date. If students do not pay the amount due by the payment due date(s), all classes will be dropped. Note: We do not automatically drop classes after census. Students wishing to partially drop or withdraw from all classes must do so by following the university policies and procedures.

Open University

Your payment due dates are the same as regular classes. Check your due dates in MySJSU or see Fall, Spring or Summer as appropriate.

Special Session

Your payment due dates are different. Check your due dates in MySJSU or contact College of Professional and Extended Studies (CPGE) at 408-924-2670.