Forms for Students

Hardship Deferment Request

Used in requesting a hardship deferment of Federal Perkins or Kuhlman student loan. Please submit the Hardship Deferment Request form and supporting documents in person at the Bursar's Office, or by mail or fax. If you have questions about completing the Hardship Deferment Request, please contact Collections.

Hardship Deferment Request [pdf]
Hardship Deferment Request [doc]

Financial Petition

Used in petitioning for a refund or requesting reversal of outstanding charges. Please submit the Financial Petition Form and supporting documents in person at the Bursar's Office, or by mail or fax. Please complete all sections of the form, and attach documentation to support your petition as necessary (i.e., letter from department or instructor on letterhead, letter from physician on letterhead, letter from employer on letterhead, etc.). Please be aware that it can take up to 10 business days for your petition to be reviewed for approval or denial.

Financial Petition [pdf]
Financial Petition [docx]

Return of Financial Aid Funds Request

Used in requesting the return of financial aid funds (loans or TEACH Grant) by students or parents. Please note: If the return of funds creates a balance due, University policies regarding outstanding account balances will go into effect and the balance will be due at the time of the return. Therefore, please review the student’s financial aid package, student account and/or consult with either a Financial Aid Counselor in the Financial and Scholarship Office or Student Account Specialist in the Bursar’s Office.

Return of Financial Aid Funds Request [pdf]
Return of Financial Aid Funds Request [doc]

Short-Term Loan Application

Used to request a short-term loan for educational needs. For detailed instructions on completing the Short-Term Loan Application, see Short-Term Loans.

Short-Term Loan Application [pdf]
Short-Term Loan Application [doc]

Stop Payment Request

Used to request a stop payment on a check. Students who have not received their refund or financial aid check(s) within two weeks of issuance should complete this form to request a stop payment on the original check, and to initiate the issuance of a replacement check.

Stop Payment Request Form [pdf]
Stop Payment Request Form [doc]

Form Instructions

Provide the following information on the form:

  • Payee Name: Enter your name.
  • SJSU ID: Enter your SJSU ID number
  • Circle one option: Mail or Pick Up
  • If you circled Mail: Enter your address
  • If you circled Pick Up: Enter your phone number and email address
  • Complete the declaration by filling in the approximate date that the check was lost or destroyed and the circumstances (i.e., lost in mail, never received, torn, destroyed, etc.).
  • Below the statement "I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct,"enter the Month, Day and Year that the form is being signed, as well as the city where form is being signed.
  • Signature (Under Declarant): Sign the document, affirming the accuracy of the information, and as verification that as the individual signing the document, you are the legal recipient of the check being replaced.

Additional Information

  • Please submit the form either in person to the Bursar's Office, by mail or by fax. Our mailing address and fax number are listed below.
  • Please be advised that it can take up to two weeks for the replacement check to be issued.
  • If you are requesting a stop payment on more than one check, please complete an additional form for each check.
  • Please remember that by submitting the Stop Payment Request Form, the original check issued to you is now void. Should the original check arrive in your mailbox after submitting this form, please either return the check to the Bursar's Office or destroy it accordingly.
  • In order to avoid this lengthy and time consuming process with future lost or destroyed checks, we encourage you to enroll in eRefunds.