Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's)

For students graduating with MSE Smart Sustainable Energy degrees:

1. Understand the fundamental technical concepts of energy development & alternative energy systems and their applications including addressing the zero-carbon energy challenge.

2. Understand basic manufacturing process and application of different alternative energies.

3. Build power electronic interfacing systems to connect alternative energy sources with the load demands.

4. Apply techniques for assessing reliability (resilience and disaster impact) and risk management (calculations).

5. Develop simulation models and estimation algorithms for energy systems and energy devices including electrochemical storage systems.

6. Integrate energy storage devices with renewable energy sources in standalone and grid tied applications. (hybrid energy systems and use of battery storage with renewable energy)

7. Optimize sizing and operations of hybrid energy systems.

8. Design feedback control for energy management systems to extract optimal energy from the alternative sources.

9. Understand economic and demand of the energy market considering equitable distribution and use analytical tools and methodologies to assess market operations. (ex. life-cycle cost analysis: decommissioning and recycling analyses).

10. Understand regulation mechanisms and policy related to energy market.

11. Maintain and sustain lifelong learning skills and interest in energy exploration.