Supporting Our Community and Ourselves

Sent: November 5, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Well 2020 continues to provide us with great moments of uncertainty. And, this uncertainty has the ability to wear all of us down. That means there is no better time to pause and take stock of the folks around us – our colleagues, staff and faculty alike, and our students – to find out what they might need. If managing COVID hasn’t been enough, many may have stayed up late the last few nights watching the election. If students aren’t responding right now the way you want them to in classes, please don’t be surprised. If a staff colleague needs a day off, please support them in that request. If faculty colleagues are asking to push some service work to the next semester, it is valuable to consider those requests.

We should also take advantage of the various resources the campus has developed. This includes the “Red Folder,” which includes important support information on how faculty and staff can contact as well as refer students to urgent mental health and well-being resources as well as resources on “Freedom of Speech” and “2020 Election Information for Faculty and Staff.” In addition, there are resources for employees that are free of charge and part of your benefits at LiveMatters by Empathia (Password: SPARTANS).

Some examples of sessions, include:

As in previous messages, I ask that we be kind to each other. This year has thrown so much at us as a community. I want to thank all the faculty and staff who are working so tirelessly to support our students and each other. We have just a few weeks left in this semester. But, these last few weeks are often packed with some of the most important work. Please ask for help if it is needed.

Stay healthy and safe!