FAQs About Graduation

The content below will address frequently asked questions and discussion topics about the graduation process.  For diploma related topics, visit the Diploma Information page.

Application Status

You will know that the Office of the Registrar has processed your application by checking our status in MySJSU or looking for the confirmation email.

Confirmation Email

For students who applied online, your graduation evaluator will send you a confirmation email after reviewing your application. This email will provide a list of the outstanding requirements based on your MyProgress report. You may need to check your email trash and spam folders for this email. Also note that you might not receive this email until 2-3 months after you apply for graduation. 

Graduation Worksheets

For students who applied using the paper/PDF application, your graduation evaluator will send you a graduation worksheet. This document will provide a list of the outstanding requirements based on your major form. See a sample worksheet [pdf] for details. We will not update graduation worksheets if requirements change. 

Changes to Your Major Requirements

If you have changes to your major requirements, contact your major advisor to submit a substitution form, or ask your department to enter an exception in your MyProgress report. Do not submit a new major form unless you are changing your major. 

Dropping a Minor

If you wish to drop a minor, download and complete the Drop Minor form [pdf]. Send the completed form directly to your graduation evaluator. If you do not formally drop the minor, you will be held to those requirements. Similarly, if you currently have a double major and wish to drop one major, use the Drop Major form [pdf].

Transfer Credit

If you have taken or are currently taking coursework at another institution, submit official transcripts when those final grades are available. SJSU will accept official electronic transcripts at etranscript@sjsu.edu. Inform your evaluator after you send your transcripts. Note that you may not transfer more than 70 units from community colleges.

Hold Letters

At the end of your graduation term, your evaluator will email you a hold letter if you have not completed all degree requirements. This letter will list the outstanding items and provide instructions for how to resolve the issues.

Common items in the hold letter include: 

  • Outstanding GE, major, minor, or unit requirements
  • Missing major or minor forms
  • Outstanding Study Abroad coursework
  • Unresolved Incomplete (I) or Report Delayed (RD) grades
  • Deadline by which documents must be submitted to their evaluator

If you just completed your final semester, follow the instructions on your hold letter and contact your graduation evaluator if you have questions.

If you last attended more than one semester ago, visit your college success center for guidance.  They can provide a copy of the hold letter. You will also need to submit a graduation date change plus any additional forms as requested by your evaluator

Latin Honors

To qualify for Latin Honors, both your Cumulative SJSU GPA and your All College GPA must meet the minimum requirements.  Your department may have additional honors for your major. If you qualify, we will automatically apply the appropriate honor(s) to both your diploma and transcript. If you have questions about medallions, contact the Commencement Team.

Honor GPA
Summa Cum Laude 3.85 - 4.00
Magna Cum Laude 3.70 - 3.84
Cum Laude 3.50 - 3.69

Awarding Degrees

The Office of the Registrar will normally award degrees about one month after the end of the semester.

  • Fall candidates - end of January
  • Spring candidates - middle of June
  • Summer candidates - end of August

After we award your degree, your record is sealed and we cannot make any changes. This includes grade changes and updates to your major or minor.

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