Permission Number

A permission number (also known as an “add code”) is a 5 or 6-digit number given to students, by the instructor or department of the course, which enables the student to enroll in a course.

Students can obtain permission number by contacting instructor in person, via phone or email. If an instructor is not listed for the course, contact the department offering the course.

Permission numbers are needed when:

  • MySJSU notes "instructor or department consent is required".
  • MySJSU notes "you do not have the prerequisite(s) for a particular course when you attempted to register". If you have completed the course prerequisite, submit an unofficial transcript as proof to the instructor. Exceptions: WST passing and Upper Division Standing. Permission codes can not override these two requirements.

Add a class with a permission number: When students access their MySJSU portal and start the process to add a class, they will see a box to enter a permission number on the second screen. After typing in the permission number, complete the regular enrollment process. See Tutorial for screen shots [pdf] for details.


  • Permission numbers are given at the discretion of the instructor or department.
  • A unique permission number must be issued to each student
  • Permission numbers do not expire until successfully used by add deadline. See most current Registration calendar for the current date.
  • A permission number is only valid for one specific section of the course.  If you want to change sections, you will need a new permission number.
  • Permission numbers can not override time conflicts. Students must submit a Time Conflict Consent Request (DocuSign) from the instructor of the class that student has not yet enroll. Registrar's Office staff will enroll the student.

See SJSU catalog regarding Instructor Consent or Department consent.