Transition Courses

Depending on the student’s background, one or more of the Transition Courses listed below may be required. These courses must appear in the student’s college transcripts, with a grade of B or better, in order for them to be waived.

Course Units Notes

Chem 1A - General Chemistry


Chem 1B - General Chemistry


PHYS 50 - General Physics/Mechanics (Calculus-Based)


PHYS 51 - General Physics/Electricity & Magnetism (Calculus-Based)


BME 68 - Biomedical Applications of Metals & Ceramics

3 MatE 25 Introduction to Materials Engineering (3 units) may be taken in lieu of BME 68

EE 98 Circuit Analysis


BME 65 - Biomedical Applications of Statics

3 CE 95 Theory and Application of Statics (3 units) may be taken in lieu of BME 65

BME 165 - Applied Engineering Biomechanics

3 CE 112 Mechanics of Materials (3 units) may be taken in lieu of BME 165

MATH 33A - Ordinary Differential Equations for SCI and ENGR

3 MATH 33LA Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (3 units) may be taken in lieu of MATH 33A

BME 147 - Quantitative and Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering


BME 115 - Foundations of Biomedical Engineering


Note: Graduate level courses can be taken at the same time as transition courses as long as the pre-requisite transition courses have been satisfactorily completed.