Student Office Assistant

Subject to Budgetary Approval


Under supervision of the Department Admin Analyst, the Student Assistant (SA) will assist as a point of contact for current and prospective students, and support the Admin Analyst, Department Chair and other members of the faculty with administrative and clerical tasks, including:

  • Managing student mailing lists, and communicating with students as directed by the Department faculty and staff;
  • Answer inquiries from current and prospective students, and – if necessary – dispatching those inquiries to the appropriate faculty or staff;
  • Collect and organize documents in the Department digital storage;
  • Schedule meetings as directed by the Department faculty and staff, reserve rooms, send out invites, and maintain meeting minutes;
  • Collect and organized enrollment data (e.g. major extracts, list of current students, graduating students, alumni) as directed by the Admin Analyst or Department Chair;
  • Prepare and format content for the Department website (e.g. course Zoom links, office hours, lists of assigned undergraduate advisors).

Given the confidential nature of some of the student information involved in the SA’s duties, applicant cannot be a current student enrolled in one of the Department programs.

SA positions are limited to a maximum of 20 hours/week.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to learn and perform assigned work;
  • Work cooperatively with faculty, staff, and other students, and accept responsibility;
  • You must be a student in good standing (not on probation);
  • You must be registered as a student;
  • You must have Microsoft Office skills such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Application Procedures

Contact the Department Chair or Admin Analyst to express your interest in the position. Submit your latest resume/CV and a brief statement of purpose, explaining why you think you would be uniquely qualified for that position.

Ideally, applications should be received at least four weeks before the start of the semester for full consideration. Applications will be screened on an as-received basis. 

Hiring Criteria

Applicants will be screened according to their academic performance and the extent to which they meet the qualifications described above.


Last revised January 2021.