Advising Holds

We require all of our students to touch base every semester with their BME Undergraduate Advisor. At the beginning of every semester, an “advising hold” is put in place that prevents students from registering for classes for the following semester without prior discussion and approval of their course plan by their Undergraduate Advisor. Students are required to submit the appropriate advising form to their Undergraduate Advisor each semester.

In the advising form, the student summarizes their progress and indicate the classes they wish to enroll in for the subsequent semester. The Undergraduate Advisor will review the proposed classes and may recommend changes. Upon approval of the advising form, the Undergraduate Advisor will remove the advising hold on the student’s records, enabling the student to register for classes for the following semester.

Advising appointments (via Spartan Connect)

All advising appointments can be made on Spartan Connect. Please see advising hours below.

(Please follow the link Spartan Connect to make appointments.

Advising form

To remove your advising hold for the next semester, you need to fill out the advising form via Docusign before you meet with your Undergraduate Advisor.

Here is a link to the advising form (via Docusign): [LINK COMING SOON]

You’ll be prompted to enter your information and your Undergraduate Advisor’s. After that, you will be able to fill out a Docusign form where you can indicate the classes you are planning to take in Spring 2022, and your anticipated workload. Please do that before you meet with your Undergraduate Advisor, even if you are not sure about your plan, so when you meet they already have a snapshot of your situation.

Your advising hold will be removed as soon as your Advising Form (containing the course plan for the following semester) has been approved by your Undergraduate Advisor.

Undergraduate Advisors

You can find out your advisor for the current semester at this page.