Permission Codes

A permission number (also known as an “add code”) is a 5 or 6-digit number given to students, by the instructor or department of the course, which enables the student to enroll in a course.

An add code is typically required if the student doesn’t have the prerequisites to enroll in a certain class, if they need to repeat a class they didn’t pass, or if that particular class requires instructor or department consent.

To request an add code, the student should contact the course instructor (if listed for that course) or the home department for that course. Occasionally, the student’s Undergraduate Advisor may be able to provide an add code. The student should be aware that add codes are given at the discretion of the instructor or department.

Add codes alone cannot override time conflicts. Students must also secure a Time Conflict Memo on department letterhead from the instructor or Undergraduate Advisor accommodating the student. The student needs to submit the letter to the Registrar's Office.