Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

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From algorithms to autonomous vehicles, smart appliances, and digital assistants, AI is everywhere. The MS in Artificial Intelligence leads to many opportunities for career advancement across industries. 33 units are needed to complete this degree.

There is no better time to pursue the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. The industry is booming, creating endless possibilities, and Silicon Valley, a hub for AI, is the perfect place to pursue this degree.

Our industry-led curriculum provides the advanced skills that underlie AI, including logic and machine learning. This program offers a convenient schedule bringing working professionals together in a cohort to exchange knowledge and create a lasting network.

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*Fee listed will increase by 5% next Fall. SJSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum; however, fees listed in published schedules may need to be increased to maintain the high quality of education we offer and are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the campus President, as appropriate.

Program Features

Learn from industry experts

Faculty are a mix of industry leaders and academic experts. They offer a wide range of knowledge that will prepare you for career advancement and help you tackle complex AI issues.

Convenient schedule for working professionals

Classes are offered one at a time, in the evenings, making it possible for you to continue working while taking the next step in your career.

Silicon Valley connections

You will enjoy access to top companies in artificial intelligence that are located within Silicon Valley.

Career Opportunities

  • Prominent leaders of AI development and services like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and IBM, are top employers of graduates from SJSU Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering.
  • lists the 50 best jobs in America for 2022, with machine learning engineer as #6 and data scientist as #3. Both of these careers require a solid foundation in AI algorithms and technologies.
  • This article by is a great place to learn about starting a career in AI and the industries currently impacted by this revolution. These industries cover everything from transportation to healthcare, cybersecurity, and retail.
  • states that AI professionals are making well over $100,000 and many over $150,000. They have put together a list of 10 AI careers and their salaries and note that the World Economic Forum lists AI as #2 for jobs with increasing demand. 

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