Faculty Elevator Pitches

Wonder what your professors are interested in? Looking for an Independent Study project? Masters Thesis topic? Come and listen to some elevator pitches!

Each faculty member will get 10 minutes to pitch some of the things they would like to work on. You might find you share an interest, or you may find that you have a related idea that you can later pitch to them!

The faculty members will hang around afterwards to discuss more.

Here is the lineup

  • Professor William B. Andreopoulos: Pitching explainable deep learning and text mining.
  • Professor Katerina Potika: Pitching representation learning on large networks.
  • Professor Katarzyna Tarnowska: Pitching data mining for information security.
  • Professor Nada Attar: Pitching improving text messaging interaction using emotion detection.
  • Professor Ben Reed: Pitching apps to simulate evolution and track wildlife, realtime linux extensions for 3D printing, and distributed systems work with Apache ZooKeeper.

Date, Time, and Location

November 12, 2019 at 1:30 in MH 225 (we will be tight on time, so we will have to start on time!)