CS Department @ CoS Student Research Day

The 19th COS SRD was held on Friday, April 19th from 11am - 2pm.

The posters staffed by the undergraduate and graduate students who performed the research were displayed to represent orginal research projects from the laboratories of COS faculty. Many of the projects are funded by federal, state or other grants, and will eventually lead to publications in scientific journals. Some of the posters have been presented at national or international scientific conferences. 

CoS-Student Research Day

Google Alumni Event

6 CS Googler alumni, 2 Google Summer Intern students, and 60+ students participated in the CS-Googler Alumni Panel & Social Networking Event on Friday November 3rd, 2023.

Google Alumni Event

Google Alumni Event Photos Collage

Google Cloud Hero Gamified Learning Competition

60+ CS Students were invited by Google to attend the Google Cloud Hero Cup , a gamified learning  competition event at Google's San Jose Campus on October 26, 2023. During the event, students had a hands-on opportunity to develop digital skills and get excited to learn new technology using Google's Cloud Computing Platform.

Google Cloud Hero Gamified Learning Competition

Kohl's Recruiting Info Session

CS Club hosted an insightful info session with Sachin, an engineering product development director, and Prashanth, an SRE director, from Kohl's at ISB 130 at 1pm - 3pm  9/14/2023. 

Kohl's event

Over 70 students attend both in-person and virtually to hear firsthand about career opportunities and life at Kohl's. Sachin and Prashanth provided an engaging overview of Kohl's development culture, engineering practices like extensive code reviews, and careers in product development and site reliability engineering. They also offered fantastic resume and interview tips, as well as addressed numerous thoughtful questions from students about everything from work-life balance to favorite coding languages. Our members gained tremendous value from connecting directly with these engineering leaders and learned about the ecommerce industry.

Collaborative Research: Computer Science Department at SJSU and Ingolstadt Tech (THI, Germany Summer Exchange Program

Event Photo - 1

Event Photo - 2