Discover Cutting-Edge Computer Science

Our department provides a wide variety of high-quality computer science programs for students to pursue at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Whether you're interested in a major, minor, or certificate, learn more about each unique program and its requirements below.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

See which courses you can expect to take while you pursue your Bachelor's degree in computer science. Plus, get the degree requirements and learn more about what outcomes you can expect when you graduate.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

This degree provides foundational knowledge and skills for data science careers. See which courses to take, and learn about the degree requirements plus the outcomes you can expect when you graduate.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Linguistics

This new exciting program combines computer science and linguistics, which prepares students for career opportunities related to Natural Language Processing, such as machine translation, speech recognition, text analysis, etc. Learn more about the program. 

Master of Science in Computer Science

This program will help students further their knowledge and prepare them for careers in advanced industrial or research positions. Learn more about this program, plus how to apply, accreditation, and more.

Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Students who pursue their MS in Bioinformatics will develop a deeper understanding of biological questions, mathematics, and computational skills. Gain more insight into this degree, as well admissions requirements, advising student outcomes, and more.

Master of Science in Data Science

See why this degree is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in science and engineering, how it will provide greater mathematical and algorithmic knowledge, as well as application requirements, student outcomes and more.

Computer Science Certificates in Cybersecurity

In addition to degree programs, we also offer a certificate in Cybersecurity. This certificate is available to both undergraduate and graduate students and comprises of 18 units.

Computer Science Minor

If you're interested in minoring in computer science, please review the necessary preparation and requirements in addition to the electives you can choose from.