Example Course of Study for MSCS Program

Below is an example sequence of classes one could take at SJSU to obtain a Master's in Computer Science that is consistent with the department's course offering pattern. It is by no means the only such sequence as student's have choices for the core requirements, specialty courses, and electives. For example, a student might consider courses such as CS143C, rather than CS175, or CS136 instead of CS157C below.

1st Year Fall

  • CS 200W Graduate Technical Writing
  • CS 247 Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CS 255 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

1st Year Spring

  • CS 157C NoSQL Database Systems
  • CS 249 Distributed Computing
  • CS 256 Topics in Artificial Intelligence

2nd Year Fall

  • CS 175 Mobile Device Development
  • CS 265 Cryptography and Computer Security
  • CS 297 Preparation for Writing Project

2nd Year Spring

  • CS 274 Topics in Web Intelligence
  • CS 298 Master's Writing Project