Computer Science Study Lab Tutors

The Computer Science Study Lab is a space for students from Computer Science and Software Engineering majors to study and get help. Check the CSSL Page for more details. 

And CSSL hires tutors for Spring and Fall semesters. 


Tutors work 4 – 8 hours/week: 

  • Stay in CSSL room with the Tutor tag during the assigned time slot.
  • Help with student’s course-related questions and problems by explaining concepts and debugging codes. Do NOT solve homework problems for them. 
  • Document the tutor sessions. 
  • Attend meetings and trainings. 
  • One of the tutors will be the tutor head, who's also responsible for managing all tutoring activities, such as scheduling tutor hours. 



The minimum requirement may be changed based on the applications received. 

  • Have taken CS46A/B (or equivalent) with a grade ≥ A
  • Have taken CS146 and CS151 (or equivalent) with a grade ≥ A
  • Undergrad GPA ≥ 3.7
  • Graduate GPA (if applied) ≥ 3.85
  • The tutor head must be a previous tutor in CSSL
  • The above requirements may only be waived with the instructor's recommendation.


  • Have taken CS131 (or equivalent) with a grade ≥ A
  • Responsible, responsive, and self-motivated. 
  • Have strong debugging and problem-solving skills.
  • Have strong Java programming skills.
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills.  
  • Have experience and interest in tutoring.

Application Submission

Step 1: Submit Form

If you are interested, please submit the following forms. Only one submission per form is allowed, but you can edit your response. Please submit both general form and position form, otherwise, you application will be removed. 

  1. General Information Form. This form asks for your general information, such as name, GPA, transcript, etc. Please keep it updated.
  2. Position Application Form. This form asks for additional information related to the position. 

To withdraw any applications, fill in Application Withdrawal From (this cannot be edited).

Step 2: Schedule Interview

By the end of each semester (around May 1, 2024, for Fall 2024 tutors), the applications will be reviewed. We will select and email those strong applicants to schedule interviews in the last week of the semester. 

Additional Notes

  • You can still submit the application even if the positions are filled - we will contact you if there is any position opened. Please see the description of the Position Application Form for the current status. 
  • Please make sure all your info is up-to-date (i.e., update your responses when necessary).
  • This is a very competitive position, so not everyone who submitted the form will proceed to the interview phase. 
  • Due to the high volume of applications, you may only be hired for one position, even if you applied for many. We would like to give the opportunities to as many students as possible.  


Please contact Yan Chen at for any questions.