Department Reservations and Scheduled Events

Parking Services at San Jose State University will start using virtual permits. Virtual permits allow you to park in your designated area without being required to display a physical permit. The license plate registered when purchasing your parking session will become your virtual parking permit. As each vehicle’s license plate is used as your parking permit, license plates must be registered precisely to avoid being issued a citation. Errors in license plate registration are the responsibility of the registrant and will cause the issuance of a violation.

Departmental reservations allow guest parking in various parking locations on campus based on availability.

Parking Area

Event attendee parking is available in any General parking space not designated for any other use (such as Employee parking).  General parking spaces can be found in the following areas:  

  • North Garage (65 S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95192), Levels 3 and above.
  • South Garage (377 S 7th St, San Jose, CA 95192), Sections 2J and above.
  • West Garage (450 S 4th St, San Jose, CA 95192), All Levels


Pricing for guests of campus departments and special events that are designated as “Partnership” events and pre-registered with Parking Services will be charged the discount daily visitor rate for each vehicle. (Current SJSU Discount Daily Visitor Rate is $4/day or $6/day+overnight).  Guests of campus departments and special events that are not pre-registered with Parking Services will be charged the daily visitor rate for each vehicle. (Current SJSU Daily Visitor Rate is $8/day or $10/day+overnight)

Pricing for guests at events that are designated “External” will be charged the event rate for each vehicle. (Current pre-purchased event parking through Parkmobile App is $15/day for North and West Garages or $20/day for South Garage.  Guests coming to purchase event permit on the day of the event will be charged $20/day for North and West Garages or $25/day for South Garage)

Special events that require additional attendants in order to honor reserved space requests will be charged for the additional staffing.

Certain reservation requests may be charged a flat fee.  Fee charges will be determined once Completed Event Parking Request form has been received and processed by Parking Services.

Reservation Policy

  1. Requests forms for department reservations or special events can be requested by emailing SJSU Parking Services at The form must be completed and submitted via email to SJSU Parking Services at no less than three (3) business days prior to the date needed. Departmental representatives should expect an acknowledgement of receipt via email.
  2. For large events that required Traffic Control and/or Security, please complete the event request form on our police website.
  3. SJSU Parking Services reserves the right to decline any reservation or special event request if it is for a class day. Mondays through Thursdays are very heavy demand days. In such cases, campus event hosts will be instructed as to where they may direct their guests to park. Events taking place during these days will require approval of VP.
  4. All reservations request forms must include an SJSU billing account number. All charges will be charged to the department’s account number at the end of each month. If guests are paying for parking, please indicate on the form under Billing Information.  Parking Services currently only accepts cash and checks at the front counter.

Please note: Completion of form does not guarantee approval of parking request.