Parking Permit Refunds

Semester, academic, and annual permit prices begin prorating approximately 10 days after the first day of classes. The prorated amount ranges from $5 to $18 per week, depending on the type of permit. All semester, academic, and annual permits are refundable anytime prior to the last month of the permit's expiration date.  The refund amount is calculated based on the prorated price of the permit, on the date the refund request is submitted, less a $10 processing fee. 

Please note:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and event permits are not eligible for a refund.
  • Winter session and summer session permits can only be refunded before the permits become effective or if class is cancelled.
  • Processing fee is waived if refund request is made before the permits become effective or if requestor's classes are cancelled.
  • Once you submit a permit refund request form, you are responsible for having a valid parking permit when parked on campus or you will be issued a parking citation.

To request a permit refund, complete the Permit Refund Request Docusign Form

Student Parking Permit Refund and Proration Schedule

Permit Type Full Price Prorated Weekly Deduction
Commuter Academic Year $384.00 $10.00/week
Commuter Semester $192.00 $10.00/week
Commuter 2-Day a Week $152.00 $8.00/week
Commuter 1-Day a Week $85.00 $5.00/week
Park & Ride $96.00 $5.00/week
Housing Academic Year $632.00 $17.50/week
Housing Semester $316.00 $17.50/week
Winter Session $36.00 $10.00/week
Summer 5-Week Session $53.00 $10.00/week
Summer 10-Week Session $106.00 $10.00/week
Please Note: $10 processing fee will be applied.