Permit General Guidelines

Under California state law, parking on a California State University campus is subject to a specific fee.  Paid parking session is required at all times when parking on campus. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking Services utilizes virtual permits for all parking across campus.  For virtual permits information and guidelines, please see our Virtual Permits page. NOTE: Ownership or use of permits are not transferable between persons.  Adding vehicle(s) to your parking account for the purpose of sharing parking permit(s) between individuals is not allowed.  Violators will be cited for Misuse of Parking Permit.

- The parking permits sold through the SJSU Parking Online Services, ParkMobile App, or Digital Paystations are virtual permits based on the vehicle license plate. Customers will NOT receive a physical permit. 

- The license plate(s) registered when purchasing your parking session will become your virtual parking permit.  You may register up to four vehicles under a single SJSU parking account. Only one vehicle may park on Campus at a time. If you need to have more than one vehicle on Campus at a time, the second vehicle must be registered and paid under a separate permit or day pass. If more than one vehicle found on campus without the purchase of additional permit, all vehicles found will be cited for Misuse of Parking Permit. Log in to your parking account via SJSU Parking Online Services to change vehicle information when driving a different vehicle. 

- Be aware of the effective and expiration dates of all decal and virtual permits to avoid being cited for parking without a valid permit. Hourly and daily permits may be purchased from ParkMobile App or paystations when parking at all other times.