Department Requesting Permits for Guests or Event

When classes are in session, on-campus visitor parking can be difficult to find during peak periods, which are generally Mondays through Thursdays, between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm.  To avoid traffic/parking delay and environmental impact, please consider hosting your event on Fridays, Weekends, or Summer.

Special Event Parking Information

1. To request permits for guest(s) or event, please fill out the Event Parking Request Form [pdf].  All requests MUST include: requester information, event information, and billing information including a valid chargeback account number to ensure timely processing (i.e. chartfield, project number, or form of payment).

2. All requests MUST be submitted with a minimum of seven business days prior to guest arrival. If a request is not submitted within the appropriate time frame, we cannot guarantee a permit will be ready in time for the invited guest and may require the invited guest to purchase a permit. If a request is submitted late and we can fulfill the request, a late event fee will be added to the total cost.  (see cost chart below)

3.  Depending on the needs of your event, parking traffic officers, parking attendants, mobile parking booth, or way-finding signage may be required. Services of this nature are provided at an additional expense.

4.  Advise your guests in advance of the rules and regulations concerning parking on the SJSU campus, as well as the special arrangements that may be made with the Parking Services Office.

5.  Parking Permits are required at all times for all vehicles parked on campus.

6.  Please note: Only general parking areas are available for event parking.  Special parking area may be approved on a case by case basis.

Hosting departments have the following parking options for your events:

Guest parking permit redeem/purchase options:

Event parking estimated cost

(Price is subjected to change)

Services Estimated Cost
Reserved small number of spaces with individual sign    $15/space
Reserved large number of spaces -  Weekday: $8/space + sign cost + staff cost
-  Weekend/Evening: $5/space + Sign cost + staff cost
Department covers permit cost

Small event rate: 
-  Weekday: $8/permit
-  Weekend/Evening: $5/permit

Large event rate:
*** Subjected to special event parking rate

Parking staff for traffic control/ assisting with event    $45 / hour / staff
- Events with 50+ vehicles, parking attendant(s) are mandatory
Electronic sign    $60 / sign
Shuttle service

   $100 per hour/per shuttle
(driver included, Min. 2 hrs)
- Subject to availability and service locations
- Shuttle requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.
- Changes within 48 hours of the shuttle request may incur additional charges.
- Events requiring external vendor will be charged at the vendor's operational rates + $50 administrative fee. 

Late event fee

* 0-3 days before event: 25% or $25 whichever is greater
* 4-6 days before event: 15% or $15 whichever is greater