Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking – General Information

A parking fee is required to park on any California State University campus according to State law.

  • All persons, including Disabled placard and license plate holders, are required to pay a parking fee or display a valid SJSU parking permit to park in on-campus Disabled parking spaces.
  • A valid, DMV-issued Disabled placard or license plate is also required to be displayed when parking in on-campus Disabled parking spaces.
  • All persons displaying a Disabled placard or license plate must have in their possession at all times their DMV-issued Disabled placard identification card and state-issued photo identification card, which must be presented upon request by a Parking Services or Police Officer for verification.

Visitor Disabled Parking Permits

  • Hourly and Daily parking permits may be purchased from parking permit paystations located near the Disabled parking spaces in the North Garage, South Garage, West Garage, and Lot 4.
  • Hourly and Daily parking permits purchased from the above locations are also valid in any on-campus Disabled parking spaces located in parking lots without paystations (e.g., Lot 1, Lot 7, Lot 8, etc.).
  • Please display parking permits face-up on the front driver-side dashboard with the expiration date and time visible.

Disabled Parking Locations

Disabled parking spaces are located in all University parking facilities.  Disabled parking placards and license plates are not honored in campus red zones, yellow zones, white zones, or green zones.

Accommodations for Students and Employees with Disabilities

Persons with temporary disabilities that may preclude or impair walking for distances should contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC) at 408-924-6000 for assistance and additional information.   Employees may also contact the Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) at 408-924-6003.