Electric Vehicle Parking FAQ's

How much does it cost to charge my electric vehicle?
- It costs $2/hour for charging fee.  

Is a SJSU Parking Permit required when using a charging station?
- Yes.  A valid SJSU physical or virtual parking permit is required.

Is there a time limit for using a charging station?
- There is a 4-hour parking limit for all charging.

Where can I find an Electric Vehicle Charging Station on campus?
- North Garage
   9 EV parking spaces/ 6 charging units on third floor, section 3B/3C
   1 EV parking space/ 1 charging unit on fourth floor, section 4G
   7 EV parking spaces/ 5 charging units on 6th floor
   eligible electric vehicles only

- Lot 4
  4 parking spaces/ 4 charging units 
  eligible electric vehicles with Employee permit only
  After 5:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri. and all-day on weekends: eligible electric vehicles only

Which vehicles are eligible to use Electric Vehicle Charging Station?
Eligible vehicles include fully-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) with charge ports. Non-electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles without charging ports are not considered eligible electric vehicles.