Pay Station

Individuals may purchase Daily or Short-Term parking from the parking pay stations located within each parking area:

  • North Garage: 1st floor by each elevator
  • South Garage: Section 3A, Section 4H, or 1st Floor exterior by Sweeney Hall
  • West Garage: Section 1A or Section 3C

(Virtual parking permit purchase from the pay stations located in the garages are only valid in the general parking area of the garage)

  • Park & Ride Lot: by the shuttle pick-up/drop-off area

(Virtual parking permit purchase from the Park & Ride Lot are valid only at Park & Ride Lot and Overflow Lot)

Parking pay stations take exact change only. No change is dispensed. No refunds for overpayment transactions.  Make sure you have exact cash amount if you pay cash via pay stations. Pay stations except Visa and Mastercard.

Click Pay Station instruction video for instruction on how to use our Pay Stations.