Vendor Permits

Vendor Sidewalk Permits

Any non-emergency or non-state vehicle parked or operating on campus sidewalks must have a Vendor Sidewalk Loading/Unloading permit. Violators will be cited. Vehicles blocking a fire lane may be cited, towed and stored at the owner's expense. Sidewalk permits allow a vehicle to drive to a specific location on campus, pickup or discharge cargo within a predetermined period of time, and then leave.

Sidewalk permits are issued by Parking Services. They are not valid for parking in any SJSU lot or garage unless noted on the permit.

Vendors performing a service or delivering goods to campus departments may apply for Sidewalk permits at Parking Services. Buyers in Contracts and Purchasing Services that are commissioning such work or deliveries may apply for Sidewalk permits on behalf of their vendors.

Private and company vehicles involved in campus construction projects need not obtain Sidewalk permits as long as such vehicles are parked within fenced boundaries of a construction area at all times.

Vendors wishing to park on SJSU sidewalks must apply for a Sidewalk permit each time they wish to park on the sidewalk. Sidewalk permits are issued for a short period of time and justification must be presented at the time of issue. Sidewalk permits are valid only for the date and time indicated.

Note: The maximum speed limit on campus is 5 mph. Drivers must not block fire lanes at any time.

Vendor Parking Permits

Vendors who wish to park in any of our campus garages or lots may purchase a parking permit from Parking Services or from self-service Permit Pay-Stations located in the South Garage, North Garage and West Garage. The Pay-Stations accept coins, $1, $5, and $10 bills as well as Visa/Master Cards. See Parking Maps.