Carpool Permits

Faculty, staff and students who live off campus, commute to San Jose State University and are committed to carpooling daily can form a carpool and receive incentives.

Carpools consist of 2‒4 eligible members.

Registered Member Incentives

  • Save time: Vehicles with two or more passengers can use high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Save money: Share the cost of an annual/academic/semester permit and gas.
  • Access to reserved carpool spaces based on your sub-classification, e.g., Student can access reserved carpool spaces on upper half section roof of the South Garage, Employee can access EC reserved carpool spaces located in North and South garages.


(To qualify for a carpool permit, each carpool member must meet all the eligibility requirements for the duration of the permit.)

  • All carpool applicants must have a current affiliation with SJSU and live off-campus.
  • Carpool members will be commuting to campus for the duration of this permit.
  • Carpool members will not use any SJSU parking permit except this carpool permit and daily/hourly parking permits during the time they are carpool members.
  • Carpool members understand that if they give false information to obtain a carpool permit, they may lose their carpool parking privilege and are subjected to parking citations.
  • All carpool members MUST have a vehicle in their personal parking account.

Rules and Regulations

  • The permit holder and all riders will be connected to the carpool permit and thus not eligible for another permit. Carpool members are ineligible to obtain additional permits of any type (excluding single day/hourly permits).
  • You can register up to four vehicles on the carpool permit. Only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time.  If you need to have more than one vehicle on Campus at a time, additional vehicle(s) must be registered and paid under a day/hourly pass.  If more than one vehicle found on campus without the purchase of additional permit, all vehicles found will be cited for Misuse of Parking Permit.
  • One vehicle must come from each of the members requesting Carpool Privileges.
  • Participants must contact Parking Services within ten business days if their University affiliation status changes. Failure to do so may result in notification of suspension of Carpool parking privileges, surrender of the Carpool permit and denial of future Carpool permits/privileges.
  • Any violation of the campus parking regulations are grounds for citations or impoundment of vehicle for a faculty, staff or student.
  • If the carpool dissolves, you must notify Parking Services immediately.  Failure to do so may limit your ability to purchase a long term permit (e.g. monthly, weekly, semester, academic, annual permit).
  • Employees and students who commute together are NOT eligible for a carpool permit.

How to Request a Carpool Permit

  • Each carpool must choose a primary driver who purchases a single valid annual, academic, or semester parking permit that the carpool shares. Other members can share driving responsibilities.
  • Carpool permit request must complete in-person registration at the Parking Services Office.
  • All new carpoolers must go together to the Parking Services Office to register the carpool and request the carpool permits.
  • All carpoolers must present a valid SJSU ID.
  • The primary driver presents the parking permit for verification.
  • All student carpool members must show class/work schedules with at least two week-days in common.
    Please note: other members beside the primary driver of the carpool group may not possess another parking permit (except for daily parking permit).  Any permits held by all other members of the carpool group must be cancelled.  A token will be placed on other members’ parking account which disables the ability for other members to purchase a long term permit.
  • If all requirements are met, a parking office representative issues a carpool access privilege to the permit owner.


Contact the Parking Services Office via email at