CoS Office Staff


Photo     Name, Title Location, Contact Info
Michael Kaufman headshot  Michael Kaufman

 ISB 140

Shelley Cargill Headshot

 Shelley Cargill
 Associate Dean for
 Academic Programs and
 Student Success

 ISB 140

Miri Vanhoven headshot  Miri VanHoven
 Associate Dean for

 ISB 140
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 Niña Ria Agustin
 Director of Resources and

 ISB 140

Cher headshot

 Cher Jones
 Academic and
 College Analyst

 ISB 140

Kimberly Boudreaux Headshot

 Kimberly Boudreaux
 Executive Assistant, Analyst

 ISB 140
Jon Espinoza photo

 Jon Espinoza
 College Curriculum and
 Research Analyst

 ISB 140


 Nicholas Egan
 Finance Resource Analyst

 ISB 140

Jamie Alea headshot

Jamie Alea
Director, Student Transition Programs

 ISB 140

Larry Young headshot

 Larry Young
 Operations Manager,
 Animal Care Facility

Randy Kirchner headshot

 Randy Kirchner
 Safety Officer

Manju Ramachandran

 Manju Ramachandran
 Director of Development

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