Student Research Day

Every Spring semester since 2005, SJSU student researchers who work on original research projects under the direction of College of Science (COS) faculty have presented their results in the COS Student Research Day. 

19th Annual College of Science Student Research Day

The 19th COS SRD will be held on Friday, April 19th from 11am - 2pm, at the breezeway/grassy knoll by Duncan Hall and the new ISB. This event has been held since 2005 - come and help us mark our 20th Anniversary!

The posters will be staffed by the undergraduate and graduate students who performed the research. The projects displayed represent orginal research projects from the laboratories of COS faculty. Many of the projects are funded by federal, state or other grants, and will eventually lead to publications in scientific journals. Some of the posters have been presented at national or international scientific conferences. 

Student Research Day pic

Each year, the COS Student Research Day showcases some of the broad range of research activity in the College of Science, and recognizes the opportunities that are available to our students, many of whom move into the workforce or continue on to graduate or professional schools. The research experience they gain as students proves to be invaluable in their careers in science. The student presenters are eager to describe and discuss their research projects and results! 

The campus community and public are invited to view the posters and talk to our student researchers, and the event is always free and open to the public.  

Find SRD19's program here! [pdf]

Programs from past Student Research Days

Dean's Reception

Student Research Day will be preceded by an SJSU Alumni Dean's Reception. Please contact Manju Ramachandran to attend: