College of Science Procedures for Large Equipment/Instrumentation Donations

To ensure that large pieces of donated equipment (biosafety cabinets, full-size refrigerator and freezer units) are processed quickly and safely, research faculty must follow these steps:

Step 1 (Department Chair/PI Responsibilities)

All requests to accept donations must first be approved by the PI’s Dept. Chair. The Chair should engage department or CoS technical staff to ensure the donation can:

  • Physically fit in the building, elevator, and room where it is to be used.
  • Be supported by existing building utilities/materials (power, HVAC, compressed air, vacuum, gas, current refrigerant, etc.).
  • Be verified that it is free of any type of contamination.

Please provide your point of contact at BioLink Depot (or other donor site).

Step 2. (CoS Responsibilities)

After Chair approval, the CoS Dean’s Office will determine if the equipment is EH&S compliant, and operations and maintenance requirements are in place. Further consultations between the CoS will take place if facilities improvements are needed. Once it is determined that equipment can be supported, the Dean’s Office will submit a service request to FD&O for moving services. The CoS Dean’s Office will schedule and coordinate pick up, delivery and installation of the donated equipment/instrument.

Note: In practice this means that biosafety cabinets, full size refrigerators and freezers can only be reserved at biotech giveaways, and COS staff will need to transport these types of equipment.

Addition of new assets also requires compliance with university procedures outlined here: