Museums and Facilities

Carl W. Sharsmith Herbarium

Prof. Benjamin Carter, Director
Lars T. Rosengreen, Co-Curators
Duncan Hall 354

J. Gordon Edwards Entomology Museum

Dr. Fredrick Larabee, Director
Duncan Hall 236

The W. M. Kech Facility for Chemical Research

Dr. Joseph J. Pesek, Director
Duncan Hall 5

Funds were used to renovate labs, offices and conference space in order to enhance both the research and teaching programs in the Department of Chemistry. The research activities of five faculty groups significantly involve the W. M. Keck Facility, and several more make use of its instrumentation, including advanced upper division laboratory classes. In addition, several companies have arranged to use some of the instrumentation in the W. M. Keck Facility and this has fostered scientific cooperation between these companies and SJSU faculty.

Field Studies in Natural History

Stan Vaughn, Director

Skilled professors and staff leading students/participants in enriched observation, study and appreciation of micro and macro ecosystems. Destination: Death Valley!