College of Science Minor Applications

Steps to Apply to a College of Science Minor

  1. Students interested in applying to add a College of Science Minor should review the requirements of their minor of interest before requesting a science minor application (minor information and requirements are listed below).
  2. Once students request a College of Science Minor application, a link to the application and instructions outlining required documents and minor advisor information will be sent to the student's SJSU email address.
  3. Students will be sent a College of Science Minor application to their SJSU email address. Students should fill out the minor application and upload all requested documents once they receive it. Requesting an application is not the application itself. Students will be notified once their application is complete. 

Note: You must complete the request for an application and the minor application with SJSU credentials.

After you review the minor requirements (see below), you can contact a College of Science minor advisor prior to requesting an application. Minor advisor contact information can be found here:

All Minor Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by the deadline. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Minor Application Deadlines

Fall semester: October 1
Spring semester: March 1   

Your minor application will be processed 4-6 weeks after submission.             

If you have questions, please email                                                              

Request for a College of Science Minor Application

Minor applications will be reviewed and finalized 6-8 weeks after submission.

Click the links below for information regarding College of Science Minors and the requirements before requesting a minor application:

Astronomy Minor

Atmospheric and Seismic Hazards Minor

Bioinformatics Minor

Biological Sciences Minor

Broadcast Meteorology Minor

Chemistry Minor

Climate Change Strategies Minor 

Computer Science Minor 

Geology Minor 

Mathematics Minor 

Physics Minor 

Science Education Minor

Statistics Minor

Wildfire Science Minor