Departments in College of Science

Biological Sciences

Biology is the study of life and living organisms that encompasses molecular interactions to the biosphere. With such a broad field of study, biologists have wide-ranging careers, yet all share one commonality: their work is in some way linked to the natural world through a number of branches of biology.


Chemistry is the study of matter. Chemists could be considered molecular level engineers. They identify and investigate the properties of the components of matter and use this to design new molecules and chemical reactions with particular characteristics.

Computer Science

Ideally located in Silicon Valley, one of the most innovative regions in the world, the Department of Computer Science at San Jose State University offers an ABET accredited undergraduate program and two master’s programs.Our programs provide students with strong  foundations, and opportunities to master the fundamentals and technical skills in applied research projects and internships.


The Department of Geology at San José State University provides access to a high-quality education in the geoscience at the baccalaureate and master’s degree levels with an emphasis on field work. Students pursuing their degrees in our department benefit from our location near many significant geological features, like the San Andreas Fault, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Mathematics and Statistics

The mathematical sciences are not just the heart of science and technology, but the engine behind machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other developments revolutionizing Silicon Valley and the world. In addition to the traditional BA and MA Math degrees, we also have BS and MS programs in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Meteorology and Climate Science

Meteorologists - also called Atmospheric Scientists - study the day-to-day weather, and forecast it for the next several days. We study the climate and climate change, asking how present climate conditions and changes are impacting human activity. Meteorologists collect data, provide weather advice and guidance to other federal, state, and local research; and develop methods for integrating new science and technology into the forecast process. We develop and run sophisticated computer models to simulate the weather and climate.

Marine Sciences at MLML

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories delivers a rigorous and globally recognized master’s program in Marine Science and training in management, conservation and education. This premier education facility offers field-oriented, hands-on opportunities that provide students the necessary skills and training to become successful scientists, teachers, and resource managers serving societal needs that involve marine issues.

Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers rigorous BA, BS and MS programs in physics, including advanced labs and programming classes. We prepare our students to pursue rewarding careers in the technology and data sectors of the Silicon Valley and beyond. Many of our students go on to pursue graduate work in physics, astronomy, engineering, and other areas of physical sciences. Our small class sizes encourage mentorship of our students by our world-class faculty in computational physics, astrophysics, optics, condensed matter physics, quantum sciences and technologies, and physics education research.

Science Education

The Science Education Program at SJSU views scientific literacy as a civil right and essential skill set for thinking critically, and engaging fully as a citizen in the 21st Century. Thus, our program has a strong focus on teacher education with the goal of preparing educators with the practices, pedagogues and instructional approaches needed to support students in becoming scientifically literate citizens.