College of Science Digital Signage

The College of Science Dean's Office maintains the digital signage in the lobbies of Duncan Hall, MacQuarrie Hall, and the Science Building. These monitors are intended to disseminate information primarily for science majors, however, thousands of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and university visitors pass by the signs daily.

Here are some helpful hints for successful digital flyers.

  • The monitors are in landscape and 16 x 9 in dimension. Formatting your flyers to this standard will best utilize the space.
  • Keep your message simple. Readers spend 10 seconds on average looking at the monitor, so keep text to six short lines at most.
  • Highlight why a reader should "care" about your flyer.
  • Direct the reader to a website or a physical location for more information.
  • Use color and images to attract readers' eyes.
  • If the flyer is for an event or specific time period (e.g., December 15 or fall 2018), the flyer will be posted to expire at the end of the event. Be sure your dates and information are accurate.

Please email Kim Boudreax at if you would like to add a flyer to the College of Science digital monitors.

Here is a bad flyer example:

bad flyer

And here is a better flyer example:

Good Flyer