Timpany Center and SJSU

As a non-profit therapeutic recreational facility, the Timpany Center operates under the auspices of San Jose State University Research Foundation in conjunction with Santa Clara County.

Mission: Our mission at the Timpany Center is to provide recreational experiences for a community that fosters adaptability, inclusion, support, education, and respect through the use of innovative programs and specialized services. We are guided by equity and compassion by offering opportunity and advocating for accessibility in order to cultivate a more inclusive society for every individual to thrive while upholding integrity and professionalism throughout.

Vision: Our vision for our therapeutic recreation center is to serve as a beacon for hope and possibility- where adaptability, inclusion, support, education and respect are realities for all, regardless of ability or background. Together, we are building a future for our programs to empower individuals to discover their strength, pursue their passions, and forge meaningful connections