Meet Our Swim Instructors

MarichuMarichu Flores - General/Adapted Swim Instructor-(AEA) Autism Spectrum Aquatics Certified


ALMA MATER: St. Paul College of Manila, Philippine (BS Food and Nutrition)

My personal goal is to be active through my daily activities to gain strength, physically and mentally, to help me reach my professional goals to teach and help SJSU Timpany Center clients of all ages in their physical, emotional, and mental aspect of their life.

Achieved or accomplished First Aid certification for Adult, Child and Infant.

Fishing: Ocean or shore Fishing, crabbing, oyster harvesting
Planting Indoor/outdoor: Bonsai, Orchids, Flowering, cactus, vegetables and tree pruning. Two strings kites flying, Embroidering, sewing and silk-screening machine operator. Drawing, sketching and graphic designing. Photography. Book Binding machine operator. Hobbies: Teaching * Dancing * Sports * Kayaking * Bicycling * Walking * Cooking * Bird watching.

DennisDennis Young - Swim Instructor / Lifeguard , Aquatic Exercise Association - (AEA) Autism Spectrum Aquatics Certified

San Francisco born and raised, A bit different than most of the staff at TC, since I have an Industrial Engr degree from UC Berkeley and I'm one of the oldest, yet newest swim instructors at TC.  You'll know me by the grey hairs and you'll know that I am one of the "senior" staff. I started out at TC as a volunteer ( I manage TC's website as well as TC's other IT needs) after being a member for more than 8 years before asking to contribute more as a staff member. 

TC has taught me that the job of a swim instructor requires a passion and dedication to service and its rewards are not always tangible. The smiles and achievements of my students however are more valuable than the tangible. It takes patience  (and sometimes a smile), communication, and much attention to work with our students , especially the ones with special needs in our adapted lesson. Adapted lessons are a new one for me, but I am learning much from the more experienced instructors. Since our students have unique needs it's alway a grand adventure with sometimes an unplanned journey.

Jazmin PiedraJazmin Piedra - Adapted Swim Instructor, SJSU student, class of 2024

I am a proud first-generation student, paving the way for my 2 little girls. I am aspiring OT and I love supporting, teaching, and being a part of inclusive spaces and activities for everyone to enjoy. I truly believe that learning and physical activity can and should be fun! I also believe that mental and physical health are important for everyone so I love incorporating it into mine and my loved one’s lives where I can.

I enjoy running, reading, yoga, and always trying to build my skills with new arts and crafts.

Meghan RedingMeghan Reding - Basic Life Saving / First Aid, Certified Nurse Assistant, Massage Therapy, Montessori for Dementia, B.S. Kinesiology, Inclusive Physical Activities Among Communities (B.S.)

I recently graduated SJSU with my B.S. in Kinesiology with a specialty in Inclusive Physical Activity in Communities. With a background in massage therapy and CNA, I apply my accumulated knowledge and experiences as a swimming instructor and personal trainer here at Timpany. In my free time, you can find me hanging out with my pets, exploring the outdoors, boogie boarding, attending concerts, and trying new foods.

I am thrilled to be here at Timpany Center because I am truly passionate about inclusion, independence, and helping people reach a state of well-being. 

Craig NorthcuttCraig Northcutt - BS Industrial & Systems Engr - SJSU, American Red Cross - Lifeguard & Instructor (LGI [pdf]) &
Water Safety Instructor (WSI [pdf]), Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

I’m a Water Baby

I’ve always loved the water since a child, and spent countless hours in the pool throughout my youth. With an affinity for water sports, I’ve been fortunate to have extensive experience  snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, windsurfing and waterskiing. Then there’s snow - don’t get me started ;-)

Fun Stuff from my Past

  • CA Licensed Falconer
  • Top 10 in Cayucos to Morro Bay WindSurf Regatta
  • Cisco Systems Veteran (19 yrs)
  • Winner of several pairs of Snow Skis, Hoosier Tires, Cash and other contingencies.
  • Winner, Team GS (Cisco Brew Crew) & Downhill races, Alpine Meadows Corp. Ski Challenge 
  • Solo (Autocross): Multiple club & SCCA SFR championships; National Tour and Pro Solo events. Top Time of Day at four events.
  • Graduate of Bob Bondurant, Jim Russell & SCCA racing license schools
  • High Performance Driving Instructor for Track Masters Racing, Team Racing & Your Private Track Day clubs at Laguna Seca, Sears Point (Sonoma Raceway), Button Willow & Thunder Hill raceways.