Grants and Partnerships

Our Grant Sources and Partners:

Grants and Partners

TC Grants

Since many of you may wonder how Timpany is funded and how this may benefit our patrons, one of our major sources are grants. A grant is a quantity of money, i.e., financial assistance, given by a government, organization, or person for a specific purpose, The money may be for a specific research, a worthy project, service or cause. Usually a grant involves writing a proposal that explains how the money received will be used and how the receiver of the grant will meet the objectives the provider will be funding. Many of the grants are recurring, therefore may need to be reapplied for on a periodic basis.

At Timpany, although Dr. Jennifer Schachner , our director, is solely responsible for submitting those proposals, she depends on the input and consultation of many of our knowledgeable staff and members. Alfer the grant submission follow-up for any questions or concerns the funder may have is also part of Dr. Schacher responsibilities. Also without the many hours of preparation and  work by our staff and interns the objectives of the grants cannot be accomplished. 

A brief rundown of some of the grants we have received and are receiving currently are listed below, Many of the classes and services that Timpany provides to patrons are the fruits of these grants.


Title III D federal funding for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program provides evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion services.

Timpany is in the 5th year in a row for receiving this grant, Specifically this funding has gone to support the training of our fitness staff to teach both land and aquatic Arthritis Foundation Exercise programs.  With this training and the grant support we are able to offer free arthritis fitness classes to the community as well as the purchase of updated fitness equipment for the land and pool. Currently we are offering 6 onsite aqua classes, 1 onsite land class, 3 Zoom sessions and 2 offsite classes as a partnership with Oakmont senior living.

American Rescue Act funding
2022-2023 Funded by Sourcewise for $38,370

This grant further supported our arthritis programs but also provided support to lifeguard training and training programs (prior to this our lifeguards had to fund their own training and certifications out-of-pocket prior to being hired) to increase the number of guards at Timpany and allowed us to extend our pool hours. AEA Autism Spectrum Aquatics Certifications were also provided to our swim instructors by this funding. This grant also supported our arthritis programs at Timpany and our community.


Older Americans Act  San Jose State University Research Foundation.  
2019 - 2020 Funded by Sourcewise for $59,273
2020 - 2021 Funded by Sourcewise for $57,301
2022 - 2023 Funded by Sourcewise for $55,102 + $ 3,975

Although older individuals may receive services under many other federal programs, today the OAA is considered to be a major vehicle for the organization and delivery of social and nutrition services to this group and their caregivers.