Spartan Recipient Program

Scholarship Application

Spring 2024 Spartan Program Application [pdf]

The Timpany Center is proud to offer our Scholarship Program! The Scholarship Program allows participants the opportunity to work in a one-on-one setting with San Jose State University undergraduate students (primarily from the Department of Kinesiology). Twice a week, each scholarship participant meets with their assigned intern for an hour session. The Internship-Scholarship partnership creates the opportunity for the Timpany Center to meet the diverse needs of both community members and SJSU students. The arrangement builds relationships by providing services to those with low incomes, while simultaneously giving interns the chance to develop skills in assessment, program design and hands on experience in their related fields of Kinesiology.

The program currently runs during the Spring and Fall SJSU semesters. Typically the Spring program runs between mid-February and the end of mid-May, and the Fall program runs between mid-September and the end of mid-December. Due to COVID, this program is available both in person and via Zoom (online).

Program Requirements

In order to qualify for the Scholarship Program a completed application packet, and all necessary documentation, must be submitted prior to each semester (Fall and Spring) or participation.

  • Statement of Need
    • Doctor's note/Physician recommendation (if applicable)
  • Each week each participant will meet with an assigned intern on two designated days of the week. Applicants must understand that the intern is not a physical therapist and will only assist participants with fitness/wellness goals. It is intended to be a mutually reciprocal learning relationship between the undergraduate intern and scholarship recipient.
  • Willingness to participate in a case study (intern's final project)
  • Agree to all terms of the Scholarship Program upon acceptance.
  • Ability to pay $130 Spartan Recipient fee (which includes a 4 month membership).

Spartan Recipient Program Contact

For more information regarding the Timpany Center Scholarship Program, or if you would like to be placed on a contact list to be notified when the new application packet is available, please email